Lee Jackson is a leader in the entrepreneurial space. Based in Wellingborough in the UK, Lee has an agency, Angled Crown, supports other WordPress and digital marketing agencies through his Agency Trailblazer podcast and is now running the event, Agency Transformation.

Listen to Lee's own podcast and you will hear a transparent guru on the run who places family first and is keen for others to learn from his mistakes as much as his triumphs.

In this episode of Reset42, we look at how an entrepreneur can and should check for the signs that they're leaning too hard into the wind. Lee shares the personal learnings from losing a loving and hard-working Dad and how that helped him make reset changes to prioritise 'things that matter most'.

In this recording, Lee mentions one of his own Podcast episodes, number 200, where he gets raw on life and gives a series of resources for agency business owners looking to reset through new ideas. Here is a link to that recording.


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