When I spoke to Donna Jaremenko, all I could think about was the lady I knew as our friend and neighbour who always had an incredible smile. We would often see Donna with her 6, then 7 and now 8 children and be constantly amazed at how she managed and seemed to be doing it with style. What we didn't know was that behind the front door of their life was another story, a different and less desirable life with a controlling and abusive husband.

Donna's story is one of survival and see the daily value in as reset as part of 'getting through'. Even now in the 'life after', Donna still knows that being able to reset, to make space and to give herself and her children the freedom to do it their way is actually a secret to that smile still being there.

I hope you will be inspired by meeting Donna today. This story may be happening over your neighbour's fence and its not just an issue of male abuse. This week I was stunned to hear a man being vehemently berated by his partner in a way I haven't heard before. Can I encourage you to reach out to the people around you? It's only as we come to know each other better, deeper and more openly that we can be there for DV victims who need a dramatic reset.

Around the world, there are many organisations that provide services and information that can help. I had the privilege of working with this organisation who provide support services as a starting point today.



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