Grief is one of those reset moments that everyone would rather dodge, but you can't. Then tie that into a time of life that is meant to be hope-filled and wrapped with a bow of joy when parents are planning for and expecting a child (or two).

How do you grieve the loss of a child? What's it like for a husband and wife seeking to raise a family?
When they have to face the death of not one but two children? And if multiple miscarriages are involved how do you deal with the process of thinking about the future and dealing with the present?

This is an intimate interview where I get to talk to my daughter about the journey she and her husband have been through facing exactly this. I hope you'll join me to find out more about how you can reset in the midst of tragedy and some lessons we can take from how to process all of the dynamics happening around us.

This interview wasn't easy and I am so proud of how Abbey was able to bring a vulnerability to her journey, transparency of her own situation with depression and at the same time, she articulates some true and deep ideas and strategy for your consideration.

Here are links to two organisations that provide help and resources for anyone going through this valley.   and 

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